british fox

Derek G. Hodges, B.Sc., MIET (aka the "British Fox")

british fox

The "British Fox" graduated from the University of Salford in England with a B.Sc. Degree in Electronic Computer Systems. He worked for IBM for 13 years in the research and development labs in a software engineering and project management role; largely based in the USA interfacing with software publishers promoting IBM PC products under development.

Having left IBM in 1990, the "British Fox" joined Mathematica, Inc. The "British Fox" was President and CEO at Mathematica, Inc. until 1994. Subsequently, the "British Fox" started Turbo Sales which was launched to help business owners increase sales through the use of the internet.

Since then the "British Fox" has enabled thousands of companies, in South Florida and throughout the world, to obtain free web pages on his "Fox Business Network" portal system. During this time, the "British Fox" has worked closely with many of the companies who have taken advantage of these free pages to develop fully functional internet commerce sites.

Consulting with company owners, the "British Fox" advises the companies how to increase sales and maximize return from the internet. The "British Fox" started Net Patrol in 1995 to promote ethical internet commerce.

Call the "British Fox" at 1-(888)-225-9651 to discuss a joint venture or joining Net Patrol.

Turbo Sales is now a domain registrar and hosting service run by the "British Fox".

Two Business Opportunities that the "British Fox" would like to present to you are:

Domain Registration and Hosting Business Opportunity
Telecommunications and Business Networking Opportunity


    Net Patrol is a registered service mark of Net Patrol, Inc.  Turbo Sales and Fox Business Network are service marks of the British Fox and Worldwide Directory Services.